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Extreme bridal dress-up from across the globe

A lady’s biggest dream in life is to have an angelic wedding in which she looks like a princess. She wants everything from beautiful farmhouses to elaborated ceremonies and get-togethers to elegant cocktail dinners, but one thing that a girl starts fantasizing from a very early age is the attire. Yes, she wants to look different yet gorgeous. Every country has its own aura and definition of style which makes the brides look very different from each other. But the only thing that is common is the traditional qualities and dress-up that represents the culture of the country. Below are some ladies in their bridal attires and seriously they are looking absolutely fabulous!

Chinese Brides:
The main color of their bridal dress-up is red as they believe that red color takes out all the bad energy and is very good for someone who is going to start a new life. Their outfit is a two-piece loose jacket and skirt, embroidered heavily with colorful threads and beads. The jewelry is very simple kept to a minimal of headbands and long earrings.

Singapore Brides:
Singapore girls are very simple dressed as brides too. No decked up make-up and flashy color attires. The ladies are usually seen in a golden brocade silk dress with zari embroidery. They wear single piece full-length strappy dress covered with a gown of full flowing sleeves.

Lviv Brides
People of Lviv are crazy about the history of their city and the brides there prefer to follow the traditions. The main color of their wedding attire is white and it looks gorgeous! Each of their white attire is sprinkled with something special, like splashes of a different color or an unusual cut.

Persian Brides:
Wow! They are one of the most gorgeous looking brides of the world. Like many other brides they too follow the white dress with a veil and bouquet tradition but the most striking part of their attire is the satin jacket they wear over the gown.

Indian Brides:
India is a land of beautiful women and traditionally rich cultures. An Indian bride is the a lady with loads of heavy weight jewelry and an equally heavy lehnga or a saree. The main feature of an Indian Bride is the long hooped nose ring that helps in enhancing the overall beauty.

Afghan Brides:

Silver jewelry with many colorful stones and clothes with a lot of heavy sequins work defines an Afghan bride the best. The lady is covered with clothes from head to the toe and still she manages to look really beautiful. These brides give a very nomadic and elegant look.

Iraqi Brides:
The dress-up of the women of Baghdad is quite similar to that of the Christian brides but the only difference is that the veil they wear covers the whole of their face. The satin gown and the net coverings look pretty but the only sad part is that the face of the bride is not at all visible.

Somalia Brides:
They dress up in the most simplest way during their wedding. A good color and minimal jewelry that is all a Somalian bride is all about. The attire is a full-length straight gown with a stole of the same fabric draped on it.

Massai Brides
The Massai bride is decked up with everything. A lot of fabric jewelry with the silver bells hanging is the main feature of their dressing. The attire is something in jute and there are lot of piercings on the body.

Pakistani Brides:

Pakistan has a lot to boost about when it comes to beauty and culture. The country has the most beautiful women in the world and their looks are enhanced once they get into loads of jewelry and the traditional maroon and green attire. The worth noticing feature of a Pakistani bride is the Tiara, “jhoomer” she wears on her head.

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