Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amazing microscope photography that will make you say wow

It is the male sex organ of a flowering plant

Fluorescent actin protein filaments

Pleurosigma (marine diatoms)

Double transgenic mouse embryo, 18.5 days

Coloured image of a 6-day-old human embryo implanting

Human embryo and sperm. It’s five days after the fertilization of an egg, with some remaining sperm cells still sticking around.
Sperm on the surface of a human egg
Human egg with coronal cells
Villi of small intestine
Lung cancer cells
Alveoli in the lung
Blood Clot
Tooth Plaque
Tongue with taste bud
Blood vessels emerging from the optic nerve
Hair cell in the ear
Purkinje neurons. Some of the largest 100 billion neurons in your brain. This cells are master of motor coordination in the cerebellar cortex.
Split End of Human Hair
Red Blood Cell

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